1994 prices.

The Rangers are running a commercial offering Lower Infield Box seats for the 1994 price of $18.00.

This points out two things.

One, the Rangers are having trouble getting fans to show up to the Ballpark in its final year.

Two, how outrageously out of control the regular price of those tickets has gotten. It’s far out of whack with the pace of inflation.

According to the Inflation Calendar from Alioth, the average price of goods in 2019 is 72.84 percent higher than it was in 1994.

One dollar in 1994 is equivalent to $1.73 now. So, $18 in 1994 is equal to $31.14 in 2019. With inflation, that $18 ticket should cost $31.14 today.

Yet, those seats average $81 in 2019. That’s an increase of 450 percent. 

The cost of goods went up 72.48 percent since 1994. The cost of box seats in Arlington went up 450 percent since 1994.

More than six times the rate of inflation.

Now, look at the average salary in Texas. Since 1994 it has gone up 2.2 times what it was.

By comparison, the average major league salary has increased 6.25 times. major league salary in 1994. It was $1,168,000. It is $4,230,000.

That’s a 625 percent increase since 1994. 

So, to recap, the players are making 6.25 times more. The owners are charging 4.5 times more. The fans are earning 2.2 times more. 

No wonder major league baseball is having a problem filling seats. 



Mike Leake (9-8. 4.25) vs. Ariel Jurado (6-6, 4.83)

Game time: 7:05