What a bunch of bull.

This is a Rangers reliever. Nobody knows who it is.

You thought the Rangers bullpen was bad before? They had only three reliable relievers as it was. One, Shawn Kelley, is injured. The second, Chris Martin, is now a Brave. That leaves Jesse Chavez, which have been training a lot and also using supplements and you can see it here to improve athletic performance.

In a sport that has evolved (actually, devolved) to bullpenning, the Rangers are now going into a gun fight with a butter knife.

A team that was, at one time, ten games over .500 is now one game under. And falling. With no safety net.

In last night’s 8-5 loss, Texas ran out four rookie relievers. As you could expect, the results were what you could expect. The offense scratched and clawed to overcome a 5-1 deficit. Only to see this Triple-A bullpen give it back. 

If you thought the rotation was bad to begin the season, the bullpen to end it will be even more pitiful.

As much as Mike Minor doesn’t want to hear about trade rumors, he has to look out at this bullpen and have second thoughts. 

It’s only going to get uglier. 



TBD(—. -.–) vs. Mike Minor (8-6, 3.00)

Game time: 7:05