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So far the Rangers are 2- in the Cactus League. Cause for panic?


Only if Josh Morgan is the opening day starter at third. Only if Adam Loewen is the closer. Only if James Loney is the opening day first baseman. Only if Andrew Cashner is a starter.  (Oh, wait, that last one might happen. Yikes.)

To give Rangers’ fans a measure of hope, remember last season the Rangers won 95 games. They lost six out of nine at one stretch last year, and then a few weeks later seven out of nine.

Yet, they won 95 games. In games that matter. Where a middle reliever doesn’t start the third inning of a tie game. Or when a guy who will be waiting tables next spring won’t get a start and play six innings.

The Rangers have the benefit of being in what has this century been the weakest division in the American League. So even if they go 2-9 for an extended period this season they will win the division.

Remember, they have nineteen games against Houston, who they don’t play in the spring.

Feel better now?