A welcome tie 62 comments

If the games don’t mean anything, at least they can be enjoyable. Yesterday’s 9-9 tie was a fun game to watch. The Rangers were down early. Came back. Went ahead, Gave up a grand slam. Then made up a four-run deficit with three home runs late.

Even though the games don’t count, it gets a little monotonous losing. The Rangers’ murderer’s row of Drew Robinson, Jared Hoying and the never-before-heard-of Jason Martinson took care of that, by  going deep to tie the game 9-9.

After a season last year where the Rangers specialty was thrilling come-from-behind victories, it would be great if this were the precursor to more of that brand of baseball. Last season was a lot of fun to watch.

Here’s hoping they keep up that never say die approach when the bell rings.