Another thing to hate about 2020: Shin-Soo Choo sprains his wrist diving into a base.

2020, what a year.

The first twenty games of the 2020 season, the Rangers went 10-10.

The second twenty, they went 3-17. 

So, with the first two twenty-game segments completed in 2020, here’s a perfect opportunity to play twenty questions, in no particular order.

1. As they did in 1972 and 1973, will the Rangers actually end up with the worst record in baseball in 2020? 

2. If they do, what will they do with the first-round pick?

3. If it’s the number one overall pick, or even if it’s a top five, do you have any faith this front office won’t blow the chance at a great pick?

4. Are the odds greater than 50/50 that they will blame their poor pick in next year’s draft on COVID and the inability to evaluate incoming draftees?

5. So, then, what do they blame the previous 13 non-COVID seasons on?

6 and 7. Is this new crop of position-player rookies going to be the new core of the team? Or will it turn out to be a bust like the other can’t miss prospects this administration is responsible for?

8, 9, 10. Was 2019 a fluke and is the rest of Joey Gallo’s career the real Joey Gallo? How do you evaluate Joey Gallo long term for a potential extension? Do you want a long-term extension for such a one-dimensional offensive player?

11. Are the Rangers this bad for the forseeable future? 

12. Knowing the front office has said it plans to cut payroll next season in the face of revenue losses from this season, how will the Rangers improve for next year?

13. Did the Rangers dodge a P.R. bullet in the first year of their new ballpark by not having fans allowed to come to see a team they would have flocked away from in a normal season?

14. Do you think Jon Daniels survives this season, yet another year of Rangers futility, as general manager of a team that is well below .500 for the past eight seasons?

15. Do the Rangers roll the dice and take a chance on picking up Corey Kluber’s contract? 

16. Do the Rangers ask Rougned Odor for the horses back or ask him to ride them into the sunset this off-season and never come back?

17. Do the Rangers hitting coaches survive this fiasco?

18. What’s the Rangers rotation look like next year?

19. Does Lance Lynn get traded this offseason?

20. Why care?


Andrew Heaney (3-2, 3.89) vs. Lance Lynn (4-2, 2.67)