Not so fast.

Elvis homers, the Rangers win.

Maybe Elvis Andrus isn’t ready to ride into the sunset after all.

He will go out fighting, at least.

Since the talk of him losing his job surfaced, and his playing time diminished, he found the power button and has found a way to make an impact in a few games. Never mind not fielding an easy ground ball in Seattle or swinging at the first pitch with bases loaded and popping meekly to the catcher. 

Love him or just like him a lot (most Rangers fans’ emotions run that gamut with Elvis), he has been the offensive catalyst in the last two Rangers wins, both one week apart. In last Tuesday’s 6-5 victory over Houston, Elvis’s unlikely home run to lead off the ninth tied the game that the Rangers eventually won in the tenth.

Then, in last night’s 7-1 win over Los Angeles, Elvis’s second-inning home run gave the Rangers their first lead in a baseball game since that win in Houston. 

Andrus has played his way, offensively and defensively, out of a starting role on most major league teams. But he is proving he can be a utility guy, come in here and there on occasion, and contribute. 

There’s no shame in that. 

Now it’s just a matter of convincing another team of that. And eating some of that contract.


Julio Teheran (0-2, 7.94) vs. Kyle Cody (0-1, 0.00)