37 more days.

So close, you can almost feel the groin pulls. Just 37 days until pitchers and catchers report. 

The pitchers part is something to get excited about. The Rangers are heading into spring training with perhaps the best rotation they’ve ever had. That is, assuming Corey Kluber is Corey Kluber and not corey kluber.

This would give the Rangers three bona fide number one starters in Kluber, Minor, and Lynn. Add the other two solid number fives and the Rangers improve drastically. 

The bullpen is always something the front office responds to seemingly at the last minute, like it’s an impulse buy at the checkout counter. “Oh, yeah, I could use some gum, oh and an eighth-inning guy.”

The catchers part of the equation is a different story. Only one team in baseball got less out of that position in 2019 than the Rangers did. That was Detroit. They lost 114 games. They didn’t get anything out of any position. 

After Robinson Chirinos, the pickings are getting really slim in the free agent market for catchers. Of course, there are always teams looking to dump salary, like the Cubs, who might be persuaded to make a deal. 

Fortunately, the Rangers have 37 days to improve on Mathis and Trevino. And, even more fortunately, it’s pretty easy to improve on Mathis.

Position players report February 16.

February 21 is the first spring training game.

The Rangers christen The Roof with an exhibition game against the Cardinals on March 23.

Opening day is March 26 in Seattle. 

March 31 is the home opener. 

But it really all gets started on pitchers and catchers reporting day. 

Just 37 more days.