40-man: Kyle Gibson.

A continuing look at the Rangers 40-man roster:

Age: 33
Right-Handed Pitcher

Now that the the Rangers tradde Lance Lynn, that makes Kyle Gibson the Rangers opening day starter. That is a depressing thought.

Even more depressing is this. Had the Rangers not traded Lance Lynn, Kyle Gibson would have been the Rangers number two starter.

It’s ugly no matter how you look at it. In twelve starts in 2020, Gibson was 2-6 with a 5.35 ERA. No Rangers pitcher gave up more hits or walked more batters in 2020.

He did, however, tie for the league lead in shutouts. With one. 

Gibson will have a few brilliant starts. But mostly you can expect even more not-so-brilliant starts.

Gibson is signed through 2022 so there’s no getting around that. He’s here. He’s below major league average. And the staff ace.

2021 will be a loooooooooooong year.