You can’t keep Beltre down. 36 comments

Adrian Beltre stands on second after driving in two runs in the top of the first.


Adrian Beltre is so banged up, he can’t run. He is so banged up, he can’t play in the field. But he can hit. He can always hit.

Remember when he pulled a hamstring on September 1 and was lost for the season? Thirteen days later, he was back in the Rangers lineup. He hasn’t exactly been tearing it up, but he is Adrian Beltre. It’s like having Superman hanging around the neighborhood just in case.

The Rangers lost the first four games upon his return. He was 1-for-11 going into yesterday’s game, with one single and one RBI. But this is Adrian Beltre. And nobody keeps Beltre down for long.

He was, of course, the difference maker in yesterday’s game, with a two-run double in the first that ended up being the margin of victory. More than that, it set the tone for the game.

His two hits yesterday give him 3,038 total, fifteen hits away from Rod Carew for twenty-fourth all time. With only thirteen games left to play, it’s doubtful Beltre will get fifteen hits in thirteen game.

He might get thirty.