Locking up fourth-place. 147 comments

Two pitches to Justin Upton were Cole Hamels’s undoing in an otherwise strong start.


Barring a fluke, such as the Rangers winning a game the rest of this year, Texas is on the verge of something odd.

In the last four seasons, they will have finished first twice and fourth twice.

They are either really good or really bad. No in between.

Fans had gotten pretty spoiled since 2010, expecting their Rangers to be competitive every season. And they were for five years. Then 2014 happened. And now 2017. And the five-year run of excellence has given way to a four-year crapshoot of mediocrity. Either good enough to win the division. Or teetering on last place.

And with the make-up of the roster and salaries, combined with the judgement of the general manager, there’s no reason to think this won’t be the norm for the foreseeable future.


Miguel Gonzelez (7-11, 4.86) vs. Garrett Richards (0-1, 1.36)
Game time: 2:37

How the Rangers hit against Richards.
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