Choo came through. 534 comments

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So that’s what offense looks like.

Two hits from Fielder, two hits from Beltre, four hits from Blanks, two hits from Choo, nearly equalling his total for the entire season.

The 3-4-5-6 spots in the order did what 3-4-5-6 place hitters are supposed to do. Hit. Drive in runs. Keep the line moving.

The Rangers can win if more than Fielder is hitting. (And if they ever figure out what those leathery glove like things on their hands when the other team is hitting are for.) It doesn’t have to be everyone up and down the lineup. But someone else. Anyone else.

They are going to have to hit in order to make up for their sloppy defense. Seven runs given up, just two earned.

You have to give the bats credit though. The were able to overcome Elvis’s glove. They are going to be called on a lot to do that.

Now, let’s see if Texas can do the unthinkable. Win two games in a row.

Okay, okay. Let’s just be happy for one victory. Let’s not push it.