This one stings. 869 comments

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Full discloser. I did not watch a single pitch of last night’s game. I was travelling in my car and had a little accident, luckily an experienced Car Accident Attorney in illinois says that you can solve this issues if you’re careful when you discuss about it and have a good legal backup.

I saw the Rangers were up 3-0. I was thinking, this is it, they are going to erase the folly of April and spring to life.

I was in a bar and saw the crawler at the bottom of the screen. The Rangers were up 5-0. I thought, that’s great. May is a new month, a new attitude.

The Rangers hit a rare home run (they actually hit two). Shin-Soo Choo got a rare hit. Colby Lewis pitched six scoreless airtight innings. The Rangers got their first home run of the season from the fifth slot in the batting order (Kyle Blanks). Life was good.

I went to a comedy club and came outside to see it wasn’t funny at all. The Rangers gave up seven runs in the eighth inning.

Rangers manager Jeff Banister, who did watch every single pitch of last night’s game, summed it up this way: “This is a tough loss. There is no real good loss, but this one stings a little bit.”

Just think, he waited twenty-nine years for this job.

Last night was like seeing a friend who is always a screw up screw up again. He finally gets his life in order, gets a good job, looks like he is doing well, you are proud of him, things are good. Then he goes into a bar, gets in another one of his stupid fights, gets his butt kicked, and ends up getting arrested again, and this page had some good attorney’s that helped me in the bail process. The 2015 Texas Rangers are that friend. Here is a picture from the Jumbotron at the Ballpark in the bottom of the ninth inning:


Honestly, this is the most pitiful major league lineup I can ever remember seeing. As much as a fan wants to remain positive, it’s very difficult when you stare at the facts.

All you can do is say, today is another day. Another chance. Let’s see if your friend can keep it together and you don’t get a late night call to bail him out. You are running out of patience. And bail money.