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I think it’s safe to say the Rangers are the hottest team in baseball right now.

Seven wins in a row and a new hero every day. Or, better yet, heroes—this being a team sport.

Once again, Prince Fielder continued his personal assault on American League pitching, hitting a game tying three-run home run in the fifth.

Then Mitch Moreland hit the game winning home run in the eighth.

Once the ninth inning came around, Shawn Tolleson came to close out the game. Yes, he had to pitch around an Elvis Andrus error, but the Rangers have had to do that all year. The remarkable thing is, that didn’t do him in.

Tolleson picked up his fifth save. He has been doing this job for only a week. The Rangers had three saves in the first seven weeks of the season when the previous guy had the job.

It’s safe to say that the Rangers new closer is Shawn Tolleson.

Their new MVP is Prince Fielder.

And their new star of the game is someone different every night.

The Rangers won seven in a row last year during their incredible turn around under Tim Bogar, against the Braves, the Athletics and the Angels, three teams that were in the thick of the playoff race.

Their seven in a row this season might not be against teams that are nearly as good, or in games that matter nearly as much to the opposition. But these are games that mean the world to the Rangers.

The Rangers are winning more than games here. They are winning back their confidence. And, hopefully, their fan base.

I think it’s safe to say the Rangers were the absolute worst team in major league baseball in April, and are the absolute best team in May.

Back to .500.

This is fun.


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