One to forget. 832 comments

It took three games, but Josh Hamilton 2.0 finally got his first hit of 2015.

He was so excited, in fact, he decided to stretch it to a double.

He was promptly thrown out by twenty feet. In fact, this is how out he was:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.01.52 PM

The second baseman has the ball waiting in front of the bag, and Josh Hamilton isn’t even anywhere in the camera frame. No, he was not airbrushed out of the photo above. Josh Hamilton was out by about twenty actual non-embellished literal feet.

His hit was a huge relief, followed by a bit of comic relief, in a laugher of a game.

Colby Lewis had a bad one. He is due for one of those. Every pitcher is. But this one was bad. He gave up 11 hits in 2.2 innings, 10 runs, 9 earned, and two home runs. His ERA ballooned to 4.70.

This is one of those games you forget about, and move on.

Trouble is, the place the Rangers are moving on to is home. Where they are very bad, a .316 winning percentage bad. (6-13 at home as opposed to 17-10 on the road.)

But at least they come back home only a game under .500. A few weeks ago, that didn’t seem possible.

They come back home with the offense clicking. Three weeks ago, that didn’t seem like it was ever going to happen.

They come back home with a bona fide closer in Shawn Tolleson.

And, they come back home with Josh Hamilton.

I think he will get a standing ovation. After everything he said and did when he left, he will be warmly embraced by the fans. All is forgiven.

It will be amazing how far he’s come. Even further than he was thrown out.