Let’s forget. 67 comments

Let’s forget about March.

Let’s forget about April. And May. And June. And July.

Let’s forget about 2017.  And 2014.

Let’s forget how 2016 ended. And how 2105 ended. And 2013. And 2012. And especially 2011.

Let’s only remember the last eight games where the Rangers are 7-1.

The Rangers are playing great baseball lately. And it just underscores how badly they need pitching. And how bad this front office has been at drafting and developing pitching.

If only.

Let’s forget about the last twelve years of drafting incompetence.

Let’s forget about all of that and just enjoy what we have seen the last few days.


Yefry Ramirez (1-4, 4.59) vs. TBD
Game time: 2:05