A hitter’s park.

Finally, someone else is getting it. It’s not The Shed that is flawed, it’s the team playing in it.

Today on mlb.com, Rangers writer T.R. Sullivan noted this:

“The Rangers hit 27 home runs in 30 games at Globe Life Field. The Dodgers and Braves combined for 25 homers over seven games in the National League Championship Series at the ballpark. The Dodgers and Rays combined for 21 homers in six games during the World Series, which was also held there.

The idea that Texas lacked power this past season because of Globe Life Field was decisively refuted during the postseason. In other words, it may have been the Rangers’ offense, not the new ballpark.”

Joey Gallo has the ability to hit it out of The Shed, he simply let it get in his head that he can’t. The rest of the team simply doesn’t have the ability.

It’s that simple.

And, as T.R. Sullivan pointed out, the numbers back it up. The new ballpark is a hitter’s park.

Now all the Rangers need are hitters.