A little relief in trying times.

This shut down, while a nuisance for fans, an inconvenience for players, and a minor scheduling change for owners, is devastating to the average people who work for these major league clubs for a living.

Thousands of ballpark employees, through no fault of their own, essentially have lost their jobs until the world waits out this virus. In fact, an estimate from CNN is that over 50 percent of all American jobs are at risk right now.

That’s tragic.

Thankfully, all thirty major league clubs have announced they will be donating one million dollars each to a fund to help pay their seasonal workers while the game is shut down.

Ushers, vendors, ticket takers, security—the hidden workers who actually make it possible for the game to happen—will all be helped financially through these tough times.

It’s a great gesture of goodwill to help support the vital backbone of these operations.

It’s easy to be cynical about rich owners and rich players, and often times it’s justified. But now is the time for people to come together for the common good. 

It’s good to see that’s happening here.