Calhoun progressing.

When the fastball from Julio Urias broke his jaw, it also broke Willie Calhoun’s heart. He had gone through so many setbacks, many of his own doing, to earn the opening day starting left field assignment, that in an instant that went away.

Now, it seems, it didn’t.

Calhoun’s jaw is much better than anyone could have predicted it would be. And much better than you would have thought having seen the pitch hit his face.

He had a plate inserted into his jaw to stabilize it, and he can start doing cardio work next week. 

But with the season being delayed at least until mid-May, it appears, barring any kind of setback, Calhoun’s dream is going to come true after all. He indicated he will be ready to go whenever the season is.

That’s good news for this offense strapped team. 

It will, however, be interesting to see how Calhoun approaches at-bats when he steps back up to that plate. It would be pretty hard not to flinch every time a fastball comes inside.

Here’s hoping we see Calhoun on opening day. Whenever that happens to be.