A mid-winter reminder of why Daniels was fired.

This one is for all the Jon Daniels fanboys out there.

As this first winter with Chris Young at the helm to try to create a Rangers team with relevance, we here at RR3 stumbled upon a few interesting tidbits that explain why Chris Young is at the helm and Jon Daniels is not.

First, here is a graphic that shows how every MLB team has performed in the playoffs over the past ten years. Which teams have won a playoff series and moved on. Which teams have won a pennant. Which teams have won it all.

Sadly, there are five teams in the past ten years who have been so irrelevant they haven’t won a single playoff series. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are a fan of one of those teams.

Then, with the news that the Nationals claimed A.J. Alexy off wires, Scott Lucas posted a telling post about how this news wraps up the You Darvish trade. As a reminder, in that deal, Texas received Willie Calhoun, Brendon Davis, and A.J. Alexy.

And, finally, there’s this graphic. It shows which teams since the implementation of wild cards have won first in their divisions and last.

The Texas Rangers have the most last-place finishes in that time frame with nine. Seattle and Oakland have eight. Los Angeles has two, and Houston has one.

And this, friends, is why this team has new leadership.