A new Josh.

Josh Smith came to the Rangers in the Joey Gallo trade. He has the unfortunate luck of being a second-baseman not named Marcus Semien.

But ever since Ian Kinser went to Detroit, the Rangers have had a gaping hole at second.

When the Rangers signed Semien to a seven-year contract and Corey Seager to a ten-year deal, it pretty much ended Smith’s chances to be a middle infielder with the Rangers.

The Rangers had to improve when they had the chance. Losing 102 games means they had to improve in only 25 areas on the field. So, you can’t blame them for signing Semien and Seager. 

But it means a guy like Josh Smith has to learn a new position. Or, he will have to be traded.

But Smith is just the kind of player the Rangers should covet. He can hit. He can make contact. After another great showing yesterday, Josh Smith is 7-for-11 in spring.

Again, spring numbers mean nothing and never have ever meant anything. But it’s hard to overlook the fact that he is putting the bat on the ball.

Smith is 24. His time is here. Whether he plays here or not is the question. But here’s predicting this guy will have a productive major league career.

Hopefully it’s with the Rangers. In left field.

This kid can hit.