Moore of the same.

Pitcher Matt Moore tossing one of the few balls that hasn’t been hit for a home run off him.

Some players don’t need much spring training time to get ready.

Matt Moore was in mid-season form yesterday.

After leading the National League in games lost and earned runs allowed in 2017, the Rangers pounced on him for their rotation in 2018. 

Not surprisingly, he went 3-8 with a 6.79 ERA.

Last year with the Phillies, in 24 games, some as a starter, some out of the bullpen, Moore put up a 6.29 ERA.

The Rangers pounced on him again, offering him a minor league deal.

He promptly came into yesterday’s game and gave up two home runs. He did settle down a bit, going two innings with just those two runs allowed.

But Matt Moore is an example of a guy who seems to get chance after chance after chance.


Everybody needs left-handed pitching.  And, apparently, anybody with a left arm will do.

Like, anybody.