A nice way to end July.

Rangers catcher Johan Heim is mobbed at home after hitting the game-winning home run in tenth.

The Rangers won their first game in July. They won their last game in July. Let’s just forget the twenty-two games in the middle (because they were 4-18 in those).

It looked like they were going to slither out of the month with their tails between their legs after blowing a 3-2 game in the ninth.

But, in the tenth inning, Jonah Heim hit his second two-run homer of the game, a walk-off bomb to center, to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat after defeat was snatched out of the jaws of victory.

This was one of the more fun Rangers games to watch this year. But it almost derailed in the ninth when Spencer Patton came in to save the game since the Rangers traded away Ian Kennedy.

Patton had 48 minor league saves. He had 24 Japanese League saves. He had 0 Major League saves. Mainly because he had not ever had a save opportunity. But, because baseball makes no sense and is totally unpredictable, Patton gave up a run in the ninth and a run in the tenth. He blew the save but earned the win.

So, now the Rangers turn the page on one of their worst months in franchise history, winning 6 games and losing 18. But, all is well. Mike Foltynewicz takes the ball today.

Happy August.