A split decision.

The Rangers had the eighth worst ERA in baseball in 2020. For that, they’ve hired two pitching coaches. 

Considering they had the second lowest batting average and second lowest OPS in baseball in 2020, you have to wonder how many hitting coaches they are going to need. Six?

It seems the Rangers couldn’t choose one pitching coach. So, since neither rose to the top, they picked them both.

Doug Mathis and Brendan Sagara are now co-pitching coaches of the Texas Rangers. If pitchers don’t like what Mom is telling them, go ask Dad. 

Jon Daniels explained that the job was too hard for just one coach so he brought on two. Jon Daniels is the general manager of the Rangers. The Rangers have been playing losing baseball the past eight seasons, with a winning percentage of .490 since 2013. Yet they have only one GM. 

The job, it seems, is too hard for one general manager. Maybe the Rangers should hire a second one as well. Then re-assign the first one.

It leads me to the 1961 Cubs. That year, in the face of losing season after losing season, the never-mistaken-for-a-genius Cubs owner P.K. Wrigley decided his teams were doing so poorly with one manager, he would hire four, and rotate them around. He called it his College of Coaches. The idea was to blend the collective knowledge of four baseball minds rather than have all the baseball decisions emanating from just one. They lost 90 games in 1961. And a franchise record 103 in 1962. They scrapped the idea in 1963, went with one manager, and finished over .500.

Collective knowledge is an oxymoron like unbiased opinion or government intelligence. 

Or Rangers pitching.