A true Hall of Famer.

The announcement of the Hall of Fame ballots naturally leads to 2024 when Adrian Beltre will be eligible.

Without anything close to an All-Star caliber hitter on the Rangers, all you can do is think back to when the Rangers had one of the best.

For eight seasons Beltre manned third base in a Rangers uniform. He was an All-Star three times, finished in the top ten in MVP five times, won three Gold Gloves, drove in more than 100 runs three times, and had an OPS+ over well over 100 seven times, the other time it was 99.

His worst season as a Ranger was better statistically than all current Rangers in 2020. It’s going to be a while until this team has an offensive juggernaut like Adrian Beltre. So, all we can do is remember when we had that.

Of all the great moments Beltre gave Rangers fans, my favorite was when he was when he moved the on deck circle to appease a stupid umpire, and got kicked out of the game for it.

Beltre loved having fun on the field and that was just another instance of him making the game his own.

I miss the guy.