In praise of Sam Huff.

And now for some encouraging news. put out it’s annual “One Untouchable Player per Team” list. For the Rangers it’s Sam Huff.

For most teams, it’s a player already established, like Mike Trout or Mookie Betts. What this tells us is one of two things.

One, Sam Huff is the real deal. Two, there’s really nobody on the current roster who is untouchable.

Here’s what they said about Huff:

Rangers: Sam Huff, C (age 22)
The Rangers may clear out all sorts of roster space this year, but Huff (who had a 1.136 OPS and three homers in a brief cup of coffee) looks like a guy who’s going to stick around for a long time … and one they might want to wrap up while they can.

Their pick last year was Joey Gallo. He might not be considered untouchable anymore. If only he could touch the ball more with his bat.