AL West stacked offensively.

The top ten lineups list appeared on yesterday. The Rangers weren’t on the list. That’s no surprise.

But what doesn’t bode well for the Rangers in this short sixty-game sprint is that three of those top ten are in the American League West. 

Can you name them? One hint. I already said the Rangers weren’t on that list. The other team not making it plays somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, near Canada.

Houston is going into the season with the third-rated offense, after Los Angeles (Dodgers) and Minnesota. That’s not surprise. The team is loaded with hitters. Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, George Springer, Michael Brantley, Yuri Gurriel. Other than right field—Joey Gallo versus Josh Reddick—Houston outpaces Texas at every position.

Oakland comes in at number five in MLB, right after the Yankees. The Athletics are led by the Matts, Olson and Champman. They have last year’s MVP candidate Marcus Semien along with Ramon Laureano, and the under-the-radar Mark Canha.

Los Angeles (Angels) are rated the tenth best offense. Any team with Mike Trout already has a leg up over everyone else. But the addition of Anthony Rendon makes this team even more dangerous. Add Shohei Ohtani and their two, three, and four hitters are pretty hard to navigate around.

Texas doesn’t have a Big Three like that. Luckily for the Rangers, though, they have Kluber, Lynn, and Minor. And, if the old baseball axiom holds true, good pitching beats good offense.

Right? Right? Let’s hope so.