All-Star worthy.

Martin Perez is having an All-Star caviler year and opens the homestead tonight against Philadelphia.

The All-Star Game is four weeks away. Of course, the Rangers are bombarding fans with calls to elect as many Rangers as possible. Teams do that every year. “Send as many Rangers to the All-Star Game as you can.” That’s such an annoying practice.

The All-Star Game is supposed to be about the best of the best. Sending underserving players cheapens it.

The Rangers TV babblers would have you believe that the entire roster belongs in the All-Star Game.

What about Jonah Heim? He doesn’t have enough at-bats to qualify as a full-time catcher. But that doesn’t necessarily matter. 

Heim is fourth in runs scored by American League catchers, sixth in hits, second in home runs, fifth in RBIs, and fourth in OPS. Unless they take four catchers, it’s doubtful Heim makes it in.

Nathaniel Lowe is so far down the list offensively at first base that about a dozen more deserving players would have to be overlooked before he made it. 

Same with Marcus Semien. He’s come to life somewhat the last few weeks but he’s nowhere near All-Star level this year.

Corey Seager could have an outside chance. But that is based solely on the fact he has 15 home runs. The next highest A.L. shortstop has 10, that would be Bo Bichette. But he falls off the cliff when it comes to OPS. There are a half-dozen more deserving candidates.

Last year Adolis Garcia made the All-Star team. And he deserved that honor. He was a human highlight reel in May and June. Not this year. He’s having a good season. Not an All-Star season. In fact, there isn’t a Ranger outfielder who has close to a legitimate shot at an All-Star nod. 

The only Ranger who legitimately deserves an All-Star nod is Martin Perez, who, at 2.10, carries the fourth lowest ERA in the American League. If you thought that was even remotely possible before the season started, please call me because I would like to take you to Vegas.

If you are a betting person, you might take a shot at Brock Burke making the All-Star team too. It’s hard to overlook a giy with an 0.83 ERA. But he might not have the cache or the name recognition needed to make it to an All-Star roster.

Every team must have at least one representative. It would appear the Rangers will have only one. Martin Perez.

Martin Perez? Baseball makes no sense.