At least we’re not as bad as last year.

Ranger Rounding 3rd: Corey Seager hits his fifteenth home run in the first inning of a 7-3 loss to Detroit.

When you look at the last two games, games the Rangers lost against a team they should have easily beaten, against a team that is the 2022 version of what they were in 2021, you have to put it into perspective.

This team lost 102 games last season. It wasn’t trying to win. It’s not going to lose 102 games this year. It isn’t trying to lose. No matter how frustrating it can be, this team is better. And it’s getting better. It seems to be finally building toward something.

Still, you don’t go from 102 losses to playoff contenders in one year.

The Rangers rising to second in the A.L. West was a fluke. Mainly, it happened because the Angles and Mariners have vastly underperformed. This team was in second place because one team officially has to be in second and no other team wanted it.

With yesterday’s loss and Angels win, the Rangers have slipped into third. But, again, second, third, fourth, fifth, it doesn’t matter. As of now, the only team in the West that deserves to have any serious post season hopes is Houston. It’s a one-team division.

But, after winning the first two in Detroit, it appeared Texas was primed to win the series against a very bad Tigers team. A sweep, which was probable, would put them at .500. But neither of those scenarios came to pass. The Rangers got a good ol’ fashioned butt-whippin’ on Saturday. Then they lost a frustrating game on Sunday. 

Don’t be sad that happened. Be glad this isn’t the 102-loss Rangers.