And the award for most indispensable goes to… 18 comments

Anthony Castrovince on named the most indispensable player on every major league team.

On the Texas Rangers…

(drumroll please as envelope is handed out).

…La La Land.

No, wait.

Cole Hamels.

Here’s what Castrovince said:

“The Rangers’ rotation beyond Hamels ranges from the the iffy (Doug Fister, Matt Moore, Mike Minor, Matt Bush) to the injured (Martin Perez).”

He left out the AARP-y (Bartolo Colon), the meh-y (Jesse Chavez) and the mirage-y (Clayton Blackburn).

But he is right. With this paper thin rotation, if Hamels has a bad year, the Rangers are in real trouble.

Someone please  keep the pins away from the Hamels voodoo doll.