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Baseball Prospectus has its list. Now it’s time for MLB’s.

Yesterday, MLB released its Top 100 Prospects list. The Rangers had three players. All three were ranked relatively low.

MLB’s ranking also includes each team’s Prospect Points, which is a numerical value placed upon how strong their farm system is.

The Rangers finished 27th out of 30 major league teams. Only Boston, Chicago Cubs and Miami had worse rated prospects. To give you an idea of how far Texas is from the top, San Diego and Atlanta topped the list with 574 and 429 Prospect Points respectively.

Texas scored 41.

Of the top 100 prospects according to Major League Baseball, the Rangers had:

85, Hans Crouse.
88, Julio Pablo Martinez.
89, Cole Winn.

They said of Texas: “The Rangers long have had an affinity for high-risk, high-reward prospects, and Crouse and Martinez are the latest examples. Their system isn’t as strong as it was in the first half of this decade, though Texas’s three Top 100 Prospects are its most in three years.”

It’s not a pretty forecast for a team that is selling its future.