Daniels says Daniels is doing a good job. 12 comments

If your job was to develop a team’s farm system, and the league you were developing that system for discounted your efforts, and then somebody asked you to evaluate the job you have done, chances are pretty good you are going to say you are doing a great job.

That’s what’s happening with Jon Daniels and the Texas Rangers.

MLB.com gave the Rangers farm system a less than glowing review. In fact, they ranked them fourth to last of thirty teams. This after their farm system had been highly regarded long ago.

So, when he was confronted with MLB’s assessment of his job, Daniels disagreed. As T. R. Sullivan reported, Daniels said: “I think we are going to be perceived by the industry a year from now as taking a really big jump for a variety of reasons. One is so much of our best talent both in quality and quantity of players are at the lower levels.”

There really isn’t anything more you could expect him to say.

But, he doubled down with this: “Honestly it would not shock me if we have a chance to be viewed as a top 10 system a year from now.”

So, Rangers fans, take that to heart. There is real talent coming. It might be five years away, but it’s coming.

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You heard it here first.