Another one down. 67 comments

I want to thank everyone for coming to RR3 this season, and for coming back as often as you do. Without everyone here, I would be just talking to myself. And I have long ago chosen to ignore that crazy voice.

You may not have agreed with me on occasion, or ever at all. But I hope you realize I am a passionate Rangers fan with a sarcastic sense of humor and a different way of looking at things. Poking fun at the team and the players and the front office doesn’t mean I don’t like them. It just means they have done something worth poking fun at.

I welcome differences of opinions, and disagreements. All I have ever asked is that we keep it civil.

We had our first annual RR3 Night at the Ballpark this year. It was a blast. We should do it again sometime.

Sadly, we seem to have lost a few this year, like Sandy Mc. That’s sad.

Every year I am amazed at how total strangers can create a tight-knit community over this blog. So much of our conversation has nothing to do with baseball but it always comes back around to it.

And as I have always said, this isn’t my site, this is our site, started by Twig for Rangers fans to contribute. And I am amazed at the contributions you make daily. With pictures, with lineups, links, trivia, with comments about everything and anything.

Thanks again.

I will be here throughout the off-season in one form or another, every day, until you get sick of me and stop visiting.

Why that hasn’t happened already I’ll never know.  What is wrong with you people?