April 10, 2015.

The Rangers split their opening series of the season against Oakland, winning the fourth game 10-1.


Sometimes you’re the windshield. Sometimes you’re the bug.

That’s how the Rangers season has gone so far after four games, and how it will probably go all season long.

They either play like a team destined for last place, as they did in games one and three, or they play like a team capable of clawing their way to .500, as they did in games two and four.

It’s all about pitching, as it always is.

Thankfully for the Rangers, the guy the Athletics ran out there had never started a major league game in his life.

Kendall Graveman had an incredible spring. He was 3-0 with a Playstation-like 0.36 ERA.

Spring, though, is when the games don’t count. Spring is when you pitch against AAA and AA lineups. Spring is when they let Will Ferrell play.

Face a quality starter like Sonny Gray or Scott Kazmir and you look like a sea hag. Face a guy who had a total of 4.2 innings pitched in his entire career like Kendall Graveman and you look like a super model.

Pretty much everything went right from the beginning, the minute Oakland manager Bob Melvin wrote in Graveman’s name on the lineup card.

Homerless in their first three games, Texas hit four out: Moreland, Choo, Beltre and Odor, the latter two came into the game hitless for the year.

The Rangers picked up as many hits yesterday as they had all season, twelve. And, for the first game this season, played errorless ball.

Scoring three runs in the first changes everything. You can relax, you can just to out and pitch, you have margin for error.

Mostly, you have a lead.