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Cleburne, Texas, native and former Mets starter Dillon Gee makes his first start for the Rangers in 2017 tonight.


As bad as the Rangers season is going, and it’s not going well, it’s worth noting that there are nine teams with worse records.

Nearly one third of baseball is actually worse than Texas Rangers.

That’s a lot of bad baseball.

Look in the NL East. Texas, with its unimpressive 26-31 record, would be comfortably in second place, better than Atlanta, Miami, tonight’s opponent the New York Mets, and Philadelphia.

In the NL Central, they’d be in last, tied with Pittsburgh, but only three-and-one-half games out.

In the NL West, San Diego and San Francisco are looking up at the Rangers with envy.

In the AL Central, Chicago and Kansas City have worse records than Texas. Oakland, too, in the West. All AL East teams are better.

So, it could always be worse. For nine teams, it is. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any better for Rangers fans.

The Rangers take on the New York Mets for two games. If there is a train-wreck of a team this year, it’s the Mets. That vaunted starting rotation has fallen apart due to injury, past and present, and underperforming, as is tonight’s starter Jacob deGrom. Noah Syndergaard’s arm is on the verge of falling off. And Matt Harvey has never really returned from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgery (what Tyson Ross had that is nearly impossible to come back from). Oh, and he’s decided he’d rather party late night in Manhatten than show up for games.

Even the team mascot, Mr. Met, had enough last week and flipped off a fan—which is weird because he has no ears, so how did he know what the fan said?

A team that people thought would compete for a division title has fallen apart in every way imaginable.

Sound familiar?


Jacob deGrom (4-2, 3.97) vs. Dillon Gee (0-0, 0.00)
Game time: 7:05

How the Mets hit against Gee.
How the Rangers hit against deGrom.