Rangers rain hits. 185 comments

It was fun while it lasted. Seven games after missing the first two months of the season, Adrian Beltre left with a sprained ankle, which is now sporting a boot and probably heading him back to the DL.


What a difference a crappy opponent makes.

After a ten-game winning streak against the dregs of baseball that brought the Rangers to respectability, Texas had fourteen games against good teams that returned them back to irrelevance.

They went 3-11 in those fourteen games. And promptly fall off the side of the earth, behind swept by the Astros in three embarrassing games played in wet, rainy conditions.

The Rangers desperately needed dry weather and a team worse than they were. They got that in the New York Mets.

Texas hadn’t scored double digit runs since May 9, the first game of the ten-game winning streak. But they don’t have the Padres, Phillies, and Athletics ahead of them now. After one more against the woeful Mets, the Rangers have three against the best team in the National League, then three against the best team in the American League, the two best offensive teams in baseball.

So, let’s bask in this 10-8 win over the New York Mets.  Let’s soak in the warmth of every starter in the lineup getting a hit. Let’s get cocky over this one-game winning streak. Let’s show our swagger over cutting the Astros lead down to 14.5 games. Let’s ignore that the bullpen almost had a monumental five-run collapse. Let’s praise Austin Bibens-Dirkx’s first major league win. Let’s celebrate dwindling Yu Darvish start as a Ranger, there aren’t many left.

Enjoy it while we can. Hell week is coming Friday. And Beltre appears to be headed back to the disabled list.


Zack Wheeler (3-3, 3.72) vs. Yu Darvish (5-4, 3.13)
Game time: 7:05

How the Mets hit against Darvish.
How the Rangers hit against Wheeler.