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The Rangers are desperately trying to find the last few pieces for their bullpen.

Two nights ago they gave Phil Klein the chance to see what he could do in a critical situation. He promptly gave up three runs to the Oakland Athletics in the bottom of the ninth inning to lose the game.

Yesterday, they handed the ball to last year’s opening day starter, Tanner Scheppers, with a 2-0 lead in the seventh inning. He promptly gave that away. He hit a batter, walked a batter, then hit a batter to load the bases. Then gave up a single to tie the game. And the Padres took the lead on a double play.

When Scheppers walked on the field, the Rangers were up 2-0. When Scheppers walked off the field, the Rangers were down 3-2.

How much failure can one man generate before he is no longer given the chance?

When you don’t have any other choices, unfortunately, failure is an option.

Also, unfortunately, along with failure comes desperation. And the Rangers have both of those in spades.

So, once again, the pitching depleted Rangers turn to the scrapheap. They reached down to the bottom of the muck and pulled out Sam Freeman from the Cardinals. He looks shiny, he looks like he still works. He was  2-0 with a 2.61 ERA last year. So, why is he laying in the unwanted bin? He’s left-handed. And the Rangers need left-handers. Oh, wait, there’s a flaw. He is a lefty who cannot get out lefties.

This comes on the heels of pulling pitcher Jesus Pirela out of the depths of the Mexican League. His flaw is he couldn’t even make the Phillies staff. The Phillies are the Rangers of the National League.

And so it goes in Rangers camp. Another day, another reclamation project. Another three runs given up in critical situations. Another audition failed.

Anthony Ranaudo was optioned to Triple-A.

Russ Ohlendorf was assigned to minor league camp.

Juan Carlos Olviedo was told he won’t make the team.

Today’s auditions start at 3:05. Nick Tepesch takes the stage with a 8.56 ERA. Remember when an ERA lower than 4.00 would be cause for excitement?

Welcome to your 2015 Texas Rangers.