Do not panic. 902 comments

Do not panic.

Phil Klein would have never been brought on to close out a game in the bottom of the ninth. That is not his role.

Mark Canha would have never been allowed to stay in and bat with one out an the winning run at the plate. That is not his role.

The Rangers would never play the Athletics at HoHokam Park, where Oakland is dominating. That is not their home park (although they would be better off here than at Sewage Dump Stadium).

They will, however, face Jessie Hahn, who started yesterday’s game and allowed one run in 5.1 innings. He is one of the great young starting pitchers Billy Beane ended up with in his bold, or maybe suicidal, moves of roster musical chairs this off-season. Hahn would easily be the number two starter on the Rangers right now. He is someone the Rangers have to be aware of this season.

The Rangers would have never had Mitch Moreland batting second, Nate Schierholz batting cleanup, or Thomas Field batting anywhere (although he has had some hits this spring). Those are not their roles.

And the Rangers would have never had Anthony Ranaudo starting a game. Well, maybe they would. Maybe they would. A 5.02 spring ERA looks pretty impressive in this rotation.

So, do not panic. This game would have never happened the way it happened yesterday had it counted.

We will, however, get four quick chances to see exactly how this same game will transpire when the season starts, as the Rangers first four games are against Oakland.

Then, let the panicking begin.