Baby steps.

Yonny Hernandez is stuck in no-man’s land and easily doubled off, killing a rally.

That’s twice within a week the Rangers offense woke up in the ninth inning to tie a game that looked lost. Only to lose in extra innings.

It seems like such a waste of a good comeback.

On Thursday, it was a more unlikely five-run deficit they overcame. Yesterday, it was two runs. 

Both games were marred by some really bad baserunning by Yonny Hernandez. Thursday, he inexcusably got thrown out rounding too far around third and became the second out in an unfortunate tenth-inning double play. The Rangers went from having an excellent chance to win he the game to be taken out of the inning.

Yesterday, in the fifth, with a runner at first and third, Hernandez attempted a safety squeeze that turned into a disaster. Nick Solak got caught in a rundown between third and home. Yonny Hernandez, for some reason, ran to second even though Jose Trevino was there. He got doubled off in a rundown and a great opportunity was gone. The Rangers were trailing only 2-1 at the time. Another potential rally ended.

When things are going bad, you can’t afford foolish mistakes. Some miscues you can overlook. Base running mistakes are unforgivable. After all, it’s called baseball. Base is the defining part of the word.

The base part of it should be second nature. Every player should know how to do that part of the game by the time they reach the major leagues. It’s not like there have been new advances in base running within the past few years. It’s the same it’s always been everywhere at every level.

These aren’t baby steps. They’re baby mis-steps. And they should never happen.