Closer of the future?

57 sauce: Newly called up Rangers reliever Nick Snyder can fire the heat.

Could Nick Snyder be the Rangers closer of the future? (Does a team that will lose 95 games a year for the next two or three years or so actually need a closer?)

He certainly could be. Mainly because Snyder has a fastball that routinely clocks in at nearly 100 miles per hour.

He had his first major league game on Saturday. He threw a 1-2-3 scoreless ninth in a 10-1 Rangers win. In that inning, the twenty-five-year-old right hander threw twenty total pitches. His fastball averaged 99.6 miles an hour. His fastest pitch was 100.5.

That’s domination. And that’s what you want in a closer. Someone who comes in and doesn’t mess around. Throws strikes. Gets a lot of swing and misses.

It’s only one game. But there is so little to get excited about this year that the prospect of the Rangers actually having a bonafide closer makes a person giddy.

Welcome to the Rangers, Nick Snyder.