Back to hoping.

Jon Gray is back off the IL and taking the mound Tuesday tonight against Seattle.

Well, at least the Rangers stopped their pattern of lose, lose, win, lose, lose, win.

Lose, lose, lose wasn’t exactly what anyone was hoping for, though.

And now it gets hard. 

The easy part of the April schedule is over. The Rangers finished 1-5 for the six games they should have gone 4-2 in, against the Rockies and Angels. 

Now they go on the road. To Seattle for three. And Oakland for there. Then back home for four against Houston and three against Atlanta.

All we can do is hope the offense, which is twelfth-best in baseball can find enough games where it can overcome the pitching, which is the worst in baseball.

You never know. This is baseball and baseball is unpredictable.

The reality is the Rangers needed to serious upgrades in twenty-five of twenty-six roster spots over the off-season (everything but first). They upgraded three: short, second, catcher. 

So, Rangers fans. Be patient. No matter what Rangers management tried selling, the winning isn’t supposed to happen now. Not this month. Not this season. Not next season.

It takes a long time to totally turn over a team. And they just started this offseason.

So, let’s be happy Seager, Semien, and Garver are Rangers. Let’s hope their success is an example of exactly how far the remainder of the Rangers roster has to go for this team to be competitive. Let’s hope Nathanial Lowe continues to grow. Let’s hope Adolis Garcia turns a corner. Let’s hope the kids in the system develop (but aren’t rushed) because their success at the major league level is desperately needed. And, let’s hope someone, anyone, in a position of influence in the Rangers front office understands the importance of pitching.


Nine games into the 2022 season, we are back to selling hope.