Time for leadership.

Texas needs Jon Gray to step up and give them innings.

Four. Five. Three. Four. Four. Three-point-two. One. Three-point-two. Four.

That’s how many innings Rangers starters have gone in every game this season. 

Yes, part of it was the shortened spring training and the need to protect arms.

But other teams have starters going seven and eight. 

The problem is, the Rangers need someone to step up. Someone in the rotation to take charge. Someone to get past five innings. Heck, getting past four has been nearly impossible.

Rangers manager Chris Woodward is going to have to challenge them. And, he’s going to have to push them. 

When the bulk of the innings comes from the bullpen, something is terribly wrong. And if someone isn’t able to step up, they will have to be given up. Someone is going to have to stretch out and give this team some innings even if they are getting pounded. 

Jon Gray is the best guy to have on the mound for that. He may not be an ace but he is a veteran and he does represent the best the Rangers have. 

They signed him to be just that. The leader of a rotation that is young and inexperienced.

Leading time starts today.