Baseball happened.

They pulled it off. The league pulled it off. The players pulled it off. 

This improbable, unprecedented season happened. 

The league entered into this totally unchartered territory with a plan. But, like Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punch in the face.”

And the league took a couple direct hits to the jaw. A few teams had to shut it down for a few weeks. MLB had to dodge the cries of “shut it down” for good. But it’s a real testament to the players and to Major League Baseball that they got through it.

Incredible sacrifices were made by the players and the league. Sure, there were some breaches along the way. Players are human, after all. But for the most part, the players understood what was at risk and stayed away from family for months, stayed locked up in hotels for months, stayed in their bubbles. Teams hemorrhaged money not only because most of their revenue streams were cut off but also because the undoubtedly expensive endeavor of daily testing. That’s not cheap.

Thank goodness Kevin Cash pulled Blake Snell in Game 6 and handed the World Series to the Dodgers. Because had there been a Game 7, it would most likely have been delayed a week or so while both teams quarantined because Justin Turner tested positive. How? Good question.

But, thank you, baseball, for pulling it off. Thanks for the season, even if it was short. Thanks for the playoffs, even though they were expanded. And thanks for the World Series.

Thank you, baseball, for baseball.

Because no matter how hard the owners try, and how hard the players try and how hard nature tries, you cannot ruin something so inherently wonderful.