Missing but not missed.

The just completed World Series had it all. A classic Game 4. An attempted steal of home. A sacrifice bunt. Home runs stolen. Boneheaded management decisions. The best teams in each league. A positive COVID test. A lot of offense. A lot of great pitching.

Of all the things this World Series had, there’s one thing it didn’t have for the first time in baseball history. Chances are, you didn’t miss it.

It didn’t have a single at-bat from a pitcher. Nobody taking three horribly awkward swings then sitting back down. No embarrassing attempts at laying down a bunt. No instant rally killing. 

And no reason to wish any of those things have happened. 

There’s no telling how much of the current stop-gap rules MLB implemented for this COVID season will survive beyond this year.

For sure the expanded playoffs because that just means more revenue. Doubtful the ghost runner on second extra-innings rule. Probably the expanded rosters for one more season. And, most certainly, eliminating the DH in the National League.

Maybe that’s why there seemed to be more offense in this World Series. Because there were no Free Parkings for pitchers.

I didn’t miss pitchers hitting. I won’t miss it when it becomes permanent. 

There was plenty enough strategy happening as it was. Having a DH didn’t shortchange anything.