Baseball nirvana.

One of the talking heads called yesterday baseball nirvana. For the first time ever, there were eight playoff games in one day.

While that is true and it was amazing being able to watch playoff baseball for more than twelve hours, nirvana is not a word that aptly describes it.

In the Reds-Braves game, there were thirty-seven strikeouts. Thirty-seven. And only one run scored in thirteen innings.

In the Yankees-Indians game, there were nineteen walks. 

It might have been nirvana in terms of number of games but not in quality of games. The more teams that make the playoffs, the more bad playoff games there are.

The thing that is most depressing is this new playoff format. It’s supposed to be for this COVID year only but there’s no way owners don’t fall in love with the additional revenue of more playoff games for it not to be the new future.

The problem with the format is that winning your division means absolutely nothing. There is no advantage. So, this new format cheapens the regular season.

There are three division winners per league and five teams that didn’t win their division. And they all have the same chance to advance to the next round.

Baseball has made its regular season irrelevant.