Baseball Town: The Fall and Rise of the Texas Rangers. 57 comments

It’s here.


I have just released my new book about the Texas Rangers’ worst-to-first turnaround. It’s called Baseball Town: The Fall and Rise of the Texas Rangers.  It’s a compilation of the best of two years worth of RR3 blogs that tell the story of how the Rangers went from last place in 2014 to first place in 2015, in unlikely fashion.

It’s not all blog posts, though. I’ve written a fuller story around it as well. Plus, I’ve weaved some amazingly funny, almost Far Side-like illustrations from my friend and world-class illustrator Rob Day (which I will post in the coming days), whose work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Rolling Stone and pretty much every where else.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with anyone who might be interested in how the Rangers got to bad, and then how they got to good again.


It’s available in paperback on by clicking here, and will soon be available in e-book form from there as well, for those who want the joy of reading without the inconvenience of actually having to turn a page.

Thanks for allowing me this shameless plug.