Edinson Volquez was all smiles as he gave up four runs without getting out of the first inning.

With each passing game against the elites, it’s clearer and clearer that the gap is wider than one might have imagined. 

The Rangers are now 3-9 against this stretch of super teams. And it just mirrors what is happening in baseball. 

A record four teams have lost 100 games. Three teams have won 100, and two more have a chance. That’s never happened before, these highs and lows.

What is happening is too many teams deciding to give up before the season even starts. Too many teams cheating their fans by not fielding competitive teams, not even trying. This binary baseball logic that we will be either really good or really bad is warping the game.

Cleveland went 18-1 against Detroit. Minnesota went 13-6 against Kansas City. New York Yankees went 17-2 against Baltimore. Oakland went 13-6 against Texas. Houston did too, 13-6.

It’s evolved into a new league. A handful of major league teams playing far too many Quadruple -A teams.

Baseball has an imbalance problem. A competitive problem. 

It used to be you tried to put the best team on the field for the sake of your fans.

Now you’re not watching baseball most every night. You’re watching bullying. 

Who wants to see that?


Rick Porcello (13-12, 5.56) vs. Kolby Allard (4-1, 4.25)
Game time: 7:05