Limping to the end.

To add injury to insult, Willie Calhoun takes a fastball off the elbow and has to leave the game.

The Rangers, it seems, ended their season a few weeks before the baseball calendar ended it.

In baseball, there are no reprising yesterdays. There are no reunion tours. The Rangers can’t run their greatest hits from eight years ago out onto the field. They have to play what they have now.

Imagine your favorite band having to play only songs they wrote that day.

Yet, that is the Rangers current marketing campaign. To trot out great players of the past to say, “I was here.” I played at this Ballpark.

Yes, it was great that you were great in 2011. But what have you done for me lately?

“I was here.” Okay, fine. But the problem is, you aren’t here now. Whoever is standing out in the outfield is no match for the ghost of Rusty Greer. Thanks for reminding us the Rangers used to have someone as talented as Josh Hamilton. He was here. Unfortunately, now Rougned Odor is.

At least bands and comedians can sell tickets and then preform their hit material from a long time ago. All baseball teams can do is their current hits.

And currently the Rangers are 3-10. 


Brian Johnson (1-3, 6.05) vs. Mike Minor (13-10, 3.52)
Game time: 1:05.