Charity win.

Robbie Grossman scores the go-ahead run on a wild pitch.

The Rangers certainly aren’t going to hit their way out of it. So, like the have done too many times lately, they scored on a bases loaded wild pitch.

It’s one of their most popular base loaded maneuvers. Along with the bases loaded walk, the bases loaded hit by pitch, and their classic bases loaded one-to-two-to-three double play.

If the Rangers swing the bat with bases loaded, they are in trouble.

The Rangers scored the go ahead run without even being able to hit the ball. Three walks and a wild pitch. That’s the Rangers offense these days. Charity.

Luckily the Rangers were playing the one team that is having less success than they are. And Oakland’s bullpen is as bad as Texas’s.

But a win is a win. Especially when a team is in full on Desperation Mode. Four more wins, though, and the Rangers can finish at .500 for the first time in seven seasons.

Cross your fingers. Just four more times they need a bases loaded wild pitch. Or, maybe, they vary things up a bit and go with the bases loaded balk.