Four big games.

Marcus Semien is attempting to carry this team on his back to the playoffs.

There are 162 games in a season. Right now, only four matter. The next four games will determine whether there is life in the Rangers 2023 season.

After giving away the division lead, then giving away their playoff advantage, the Rangers find themselves outside looking in. Looking in from fourth place in the wild card chase, when only three teams make it. Tampa Bay, who started the season 25-5 and then fell back to earth with a much softer thud than Texas, owns the first spot. They are 8.5 games ahead of Texas. But the Rangers sights aren’t on the Rays. The next two teams are Toronto, just a-game-and-a-half ahead of Texas, and Seattle, a-half-game ahead.

The next four are against Toronto. They simply cannot allow themselves to get swept.

As painful as the last three weeks have been, the Rangers still have a shot. A very good shot. 

All they have to do is win. 

All they have to do is figure out their rotation, which hasn’t won a game in nearly a month, since Jordan Montgomery got the W against the Los Angeles Angels on August 15.

All they have to do is figure out how to hit with runners in scoring position. All they have to do is pile up enough runs to

have at least a four-run lead going into the eighth inning to have a chance their bullpen won’t blow another game.

All they have to do is win.

That’s all.