Chirinos homers again. 150 comments

Robinson Chirinos homers yet again, this one breaking up Trevor Bauer’s shut out in the fifth.


The notion of Robinson Chirinos making the All-Star team isn’t as crazy as it sounds. But because every team has to have at least one representative, he might get squeezed out by Elvis Andrus.

No Ranger is close at all to being voted in by the fans. So that means they are going to have to be picked by their league.

The only regular position player having an All-Star caliber season is Elvis. He deserves to get in as a backup. (He deserves to start.) His 46 RBIs are second among AL shortstops to Carlos Correa’s 48. His 10 HRs are third best. Jean Segura is hitting .330. Didi Gregorius is hitting .316. It all depends on how deep they go at the position. This season he is the best shortstop in the American League, but you never know how the math works out. Remember, it’s a popularity contest more than it is a payoff for a great season.

Beltre is off to a great start but he hasn’t played enough to be considered.

The only pitcher worthy of consideration is Yu Darvish. He’s having a good season, not a great one yet. Not an All-Star season. Last night was typical of his season. The unearned run that scored off him in the first earned him the L, fair or not. And in this case, certainly not fair.

Chances are Elvis will be the Rangers’ quota pick and the league will move on.

But Robinson Chirinos’s production numbers are certainly All-Star worthy. That twelfth home run he hit yesterday is the third most by any American League catcher this season. Salvador Perez has 15. Gary “The Best Hitter Of All Time Ever” Sanchez has 13.

Chirinos’s .973 ERA is better than any other AL catcher with enough at-bats to qualify (even though Chirinos doesn’t have enough himself).

And although he’s played in fewer than half the Rangers’ games, Chirinos has the eighth most RBIs of any catcher in the American League. Everyone above his has 60 at-bats or more than he does.

It will come down to numbers. How many catchers will they take? How many Rangers will they take?

Why not two Rangers? Why not Robinson Chirinos? He is having an All-Star year.


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